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Risk of High Blood Pressure When Exposed To Pollution

A study showed that children exposed to higher levels of air pollution during the third trimester of their mother’s pregnancy face higher risk of high blood pressure in childhood.

Power Plants

Harvard researchers say that the findings indicate that people are vastly underestimating the benefits of a plant-based diet, backing up another recent study by the same margins as commonly used statin medications.

—The Week

Raw Onion

Eating raw onion can stop or relieve an asthma crisis because of its anti-allergic and bronchodilator properties. These effects last up to twelve hours. Inhaling the onion’s essential oil is also beneficial, and is more appropriate for children.

—Dr. Pamplona Roger


As a fresh fruit, avocado is one of the richest in high-value nutritional fats, proteins, vitamins E and B6, iron, as well as vegetable fiber. They mix together very well with all kinds of salads and other vegetable dishes. When avocado is used in place of cheese in salads, the result is a significant reduction in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

—Dr. Pamplona Roger

No Snacking But Three Meals

A pattern of three meals a day, with no snacking, could solve many of the problems of indigestion, heartburn, irritability, insomnia, mental dullness, and weight gain that are plaguing so many people today.

—Dr. Hans Diehl

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