What is the difference between a medicinal drug and an herb? Herbs contain a variety of chemical compounds placed there by God. Over the centuries, many have been found to be extremely useful for physical problems. Medicinal drugs are different. In order to patent them (for exclusive sales and profits), medicinal drugs cannot have the exact formulas found in herbs. Instead, they contain various man-made combinations of chemicals. Because of this, to one extent or another, they are always poisonous. Their “contraindications” paragraphs verify the fact. The liver, kidneys, and other organs frequently suffer from them.
The following analysis of the nature and effects of medicinal drug medication is taken from the writings of Ellen G White, an influential author and worker in the field of health and natural healing. She was also the founder of a major medical college.
Drugs never cure disease; they only change its form and location… When drugs are introduced into the system, for a time they seem to have a beneficial effect. A change may take place, but the disease is not cured. It will manifest itself in some other form. The disease which the drug was given to cure may disappear, but only to reappear in a new form, such as skin diseases, ulcers, painful diseased joints, and sometimes in a more dangerous and deadly form. Nature keeps struggling, and the patient suffers with different ailments, until there is a sudden breaking down in her efforts, and death follows.
Although the patient may recover, yet the powerful effort nature was required to make to induce action to overcome the poison, injured the constitution and shortened the life of the patient. There are many who do not die under the influence of drugs, but there are very many who are left useless wrecks, hopeless, gloomy, and miserable sufferers, a burden to themselves and to society.
Every additional drug given to the patient will complicate the case, and make the patient’s recovery more hopeless. An evil, simple in the beginning, which nature aroused herself to overcome, and which she would have done had she been left to herself has been made ten-fold worse by introducing drug poisons into the system, which is a destructive disease of itself, forcing into extraordinary action the remaining life forces to war against and overcome the drug intruder.
There are more who die from the use of drugs than all who would have died of disease had nature been left to do her own work.
The endless variety of medicines in the market, the numerous advertisements of new drugs and mixtures, all of which claim to do wonderful cures, kill hundreds where they benefit one. Yet people keep dosing, and continue to grow weaker until they die. God’s servants should not administer medicines which they know will leave behind injurious effects upon the system, even if they do relieve present suffering. Every poisonous preparation in the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, taken into the system, will leave its wretched influence, affecting the liver and lungs, and deranging the system generally.
Educate away from drugs, use them less and less, and depend more upon hygienic agencies; then nature will respond to God’s remedies—pure air, pure water, proper exercise, and a clear conscience.
A great amount of good can be done by enlightening all to whom we have access, as to the best means, not only of curing the sick, but of preventing disease and suffering. The physician who endeavors to enlighten his patients as to the nature and causes of their maladies, and to teach them how to avoid disease, may have uphill work; but if he is a conscientious reformer, he will talk plainly of the ruinous effects of self-indulgence in eating, drinking, and dressing, of the over taxation of the vital forces that has brought his patients where they are. He will not increase the evil by administering drugs till exhausted nature gives up the struggle, but will teach the patients how to form correct habits and to aid nature in her work of restoration by a wise use of her own remedies.
In treating the sick, the physician will seek God for wisdom; then, instead of placing his dependence upon drugs and expecting that medicine will bring health to his patients, he will use nature’s restoratives, and employ natural means whereby the sick may be aided to recover.
Let the instruction be given in simple words [such as hot water, charcoal, or catnip tea] We have no need to use the many expressions used by worldly physicians which are so difficult to understand that they must be interpreted by the physicians.. Nature’s simple remedies will aid in recovery without leaving the deadly aftereffects so often felt by those who use poisonous drugs.
Were I sick, I would just as soon call in a lawyer as a physician from among general practitioners. I would not touch their nostrums, to which they give Latin names. I am determined to know, in straight English, the name of everything that I introduce into my system.
Indulging in eating too frequently, and in too large quantities, overtaxes the digestive organs and produces a feverish state of the system. The blood becomes impure, and then diseases of various kinds occur. A physician is sent for, who prescribes some drug which gives present relief, but which does not cure the disease. It may change the form of the disease, but the real evil is increased ten-fold. Nature was doing her best to rid the system of an accumulation of impurities, and could she have been left to herself, aided by the common blessings of heaven, such as pure air and pure water, a speedy and safe cure could have been effected.
Use nature’s remedies,—water, sunshine, and fresh air. Do not use drugs. Drugs never heal; they only change the features of the disease.
Experimenting in drugs is a very expensive business. Nothing should be put into the human system that will leave a baleful influence behind.
Nature’s simple remedies will aid in recovery without leaving the deadly after effects so often felt by those who use poisonous drugs. They destroy the power of the patient to help himself. This power the patients are to be taught to exercise by learning to eat simple, healthful foods, by refusing to overload the stomach with a variety of foods at one meal. All these things should come into the education of the sick. Talks should be given showing how to preserve health, how to shun sickness, how to rest when rest is needed.
God’s remedies cleanse the system. But Satan has tempted man to introduce into the system that which weakens the human machinery, clogging and destroying the fine, beautiful arrangements of God. The drugs administered to the sick do not restore, but destroy. Drugs never cure. Instead, they place in the system seeds which bear a very bitter harvest.

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