It’s like yesterday that we greeted each other “Happy Christmas” and we are in Christmas season again. Though neither the Holy Bible nor history tells us when exactly Christ was born, Christmas is celebrated in December as Christ’s day of birth. Over 2 billion people both Christians and non-Christians in 160 countries actively participate in special worship to the Lord, sharing gifts to one another, to the poor and the needy. Amazingly, Christmas has become one of the biggest holidays around the world. Nine out of ten people celebrate Christmas in the United States.

The advancement in technology has enabled us to accomplish much easily, quickly and accurately. However, do we spend enough time on important things in life? The high speed communication system and the information at our finger tips seem to have disconnected most people from one another causing dissatisfaction in life. Diseases are multiplying, crimes are increasing, more families are breaking, genuine love and respect are becoming old-fashioned and moral values irrelevant, and self-centeredness seems to be the norm of the day.  In this scenario, is there something that we can learn from the Man of Christmas who has inspired the great minds of the world like Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi? It is believed that Christ went about doing good bringing joy into every home that He visited and giving peace to every person that went to Him. We may observe at least three elements in Christ’s life.

  • Joy in Service

What gives you joy? What makes you happy? The entire life of Christ was a life of unselfish service. He Himself stated that His mission was to serve, contrary to the popular Christianity today. Born in a manger and raised as a humble carpenter’s son, Christ found joy in service to humanity. In her book The Desire Ages, a classic on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the author writes, “He [Christ] went from house to house, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, comforting the mourners, soothing the afflicted, speaking peace to the distressed.” His joy was to comfort and console the discouraged, to gladden the hurting and the weary.  No one who went to Him for sympathy was disappointed. When His disciples, like ordinary human beings, were quarreling among themselves as to who was the greatest, their Master took the role of a servant and washed their feet. This act made a lasting impression on them that true greatness lies in humble service. So full of sympathy and love was the attitude of Jesus that the poorest was not afraid to come to Him who was kind to all and easily approached even by the lowliest. Unsurprisingly, those who are inspired to follow Him have always been involved in service to one another. Christmas is about service.

  • Fulfillment in Love and Compassion

The essence of Christ’s life and His teachings is love—love for the Creator and the created beings. This two-fold love is the epitome of the entire Holy Bible which is the revelation of Jesus Christ—while the Old Testament talks about His coming as a baby to save the world, the New Testament records His life and teachings, and His second coming to destroy all evil and pain and restore everything back to its original state.

When Christ saw the multitudes that gathered about Him, He was moved with compassion. When the teachers of the day taught to love those who love you and hate those who hate you, Christ’s teaching was radical—to love enemies and pray for those who insult you and persecute. The principles of love and compassion were exemplified in Christ and it was His desire to see the same principles govern the lives of all who truly follow Him. His teaching was crystal clear—to love another. He put this phenomenon succinctly: “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.” Truly speaking, Christ is the embodiment of love. He demonstrated His love on the cross on which He was crucified to save the world for its sin. While He was experiencing excruciating pain, He blessed those who nailed Him to the cross. Christmas is about love.

  • Emphasis on Healthful Living

In three and half years of His recorded service to the world, Christ had spent more time in healing the sick than in preaching or teaching to the multitudes. He gave sight to the blind, made the lame walk and the mute speak, cleansed the lepers, and resurrected the dead. Truly, He was interested in the wellbeing of every person. The amazing thing is that He did all that free of charge. In his Internet article “Jesus’ Health Care Plan” Nicole Satelelo writes, “During a time in history when Greeks and Romans often traveled to a temple with offerings in exchange for healing, Jesus and his early followers healed free of charge wherever they encountered the sick, often at great peril to themselves.” Though many teachings and acts of Jesus were not written in the Bible, the first four books of the New Testament record over thirty of His distinct miracles of physical and mental healing. Further, Jesus instructed His disciples to go into towns and villages and heal the sick. Jesus’ mission was to heal and the mission He gave to His followers is to heal. It is estimated that Jesus walked at least 25 miles every day and mingled with people without any favoritism and did good for them. The more complete story of Jesus Christ that is available in the Bible reveals that He desires every person enjoys prosperity in every walk of life, with a special emphasis on health. Truly, Christ is the world’s greatest health reformer.

As the world celebrates Christmas, let us find true joy as we serve one another, life’s fulfillment in love and compassion for the needy, and enjoy good health. Wish you a very Happy Christmas Season!

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